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5 Smart ways to indicate management skills in a resume

Management Resume

5 Smart ways to indicate management skills in a resume

No doubt you would like to enlist 20 or so skills under your resume subtitle of ‘Management Skills’. However, that won’t help you one bit. You know why? Because there are thousands of resumes having a similar listing of skills on them.

Management Resume
Management Resume

What you need to do is,

Ensure that your resume stands out and that your management skill is actually reflected in the resume, instead of just being an entry in it.

For this, you need to represent your management skill set in a particular way. Here are some useful pointers.

1. Mention only a few skills:

Select only a chosen few skills to highlight in your resume, rather than putting in all the management skills you know of.

2. Choose the right skills:

Write about only those skills which you are really proficient at. If you put in too many skills, you are liable to be instantly rejected since hiring managers are interested in employees with mastery in a particular skill set.

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3. Provide examples:

Instead of simply stating the skill, for example, ‘Leadership’ or ‘Effective Communication Skills’, it is better to provide examples from your professional life. For example,

Mention major projects that you have handled

Any specific troubleshooting that you may have done

Training that you might have given, etc.

4. Include skill-based certifications:

You can also include any specialized training, online course, or certification that you might have done to acquire these skills. For example, a seminar on leadership skills or a course on core soft skills can be added.

5. Write past achievements:

Mention achievements to demonstrate your skill. For example, to elaborate on your result-driven mindset and team building, you can state your past record as Under my tenure as {Team Leader}, the total sales of our team rose from {20% to 45% in the past year}. This would sound far more effective to the person shortlisting your resume, and you will be more likely to be selected.

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